Shahhe Shaylee (shahhe) wrote,
Shahhe Shaylee

My pet is a hog

She hasn't let me on in WEEKS.
We've had stray pets over. Lots of them. I've been hiding in my corner for days. Meuw. They've been sticking their hands out and trying to make friends, but I show them whos boss! I slink out of hands, and hide where no one can find me! My pet brought my food and water into the nesting room, so I didn't have to starve to death. Meuw, so she did good there.
It's been so long since the strays have been here, I'm starting to think they've moved in. I've let them give me treats, and sometimes I tease them ... purr...
I lay in the hall way and roll on my back, waving my paws. I let them touch me, then act like I don't see them. Purr. Silly stray pets!
There is only one pet for me! I sleep under the blankets with her and purr. She's a good pet. She gives me lickin's and brushes my fur.
I love it when she brushes my fur. I stretch and purr and make bread and roll over so she can get to all the parts.
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