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It's a cat's life

Sunning in the Window

Shahhe Shaylee

I'm ready for my screen test, Mr. Deville

My dame was a Ragdoll, but my sire was half Ragdoll and half Persian. (And there lies a tail of deceit and deception. Treachery is not ever forgotten, and my sire still speaks of the disgust of family and friends. He snarls at the word 'half breed'.)

My name is Shahhe Shaylee and I am, without doubt, the cutest kitten on the face of the earth. My Adopted Pet has assured me of this several times. She says my hair will grow in evenly soon, once I'm past my kitten stage. She says the black spot on my side is called a 'beauty mark'.

Although I have only just adopted my human, I am 12 weeks old. I had to wait for the right one to come, and as usual, she took her sweet time about finding me. But we're together now. Lucky her!

Yes, I'm cute!.............Ear hair is very flirty, don't you think?

When I was little and still adorable...................and now......

How many times I've been scritched!
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